engraving services

I'm always happy to give you ideas and recommendations or you can send me your own design because my skills can only ever be truly tested by your imagination - please feel free to be inspired and remember, if I can see it, I can engrave it.

I excel in a large number of fonts but you’re equally free to provide me with your own; over the decades I’ve engraved in Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese and Chinese so Aramaic, Cyrillic or hieroglyphs shouldn’t be a problem!

My work appears on many metals, from the modest to the precious; brass, bronze, silver and copper are regular of course but then we move on to white, yellow and rose gold in 9, 14, 18, 22 and 24 ct purities with some of my most intricate designs appearing on the more expensive palladium and platinum jewellery.

To stimulate your imagination for that unique, personalised item, I offer a hint of the range of engraving I do, a few finished examples of which can be seen on my new gallery page which I shall add to on a regular basis:

If you think a chat may help, please telephone me on: [studio] + 44 (0)1273 736719 or [mobile] 07736 543547 or you can email me at metal.artist@hotmail.co.uk where I’ll make every effort to respond promptly.